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A very special birthday message for a very special guy! :)

Posted on 2010.05.22 at 21:16

Hey (: I felt like such an awful person for not wishing Robert Pattinson a very Happy Birthday on his actual Birthday, May 13th, but I was revising for my exams..& I still am, but I just wanted to take the chance to do it properly here :) Because I felt like I epically failed as a fan. I managed it for K-Stew, but no Rob, so, with no further ado..



As you can probably tell, I'm dearly in love with this man & I hope he had an amazing, paparazzi-free birthday with those he loves..ahem, Kristen ;) And luckily, I know he did! I recently heard about he & Kristen heading to Laguna Beach for a weekend mini-break which made me squeee no end, I can tell you. :) It just makes me really happy that no-one even noticed they were there - apart from one dude who didn't really know who they were & didn't bother them at all - until they left.

&& I quote: @hollywoodlife - He and Kstew had a low-key dinner at the Ritz and then went for a romantic beach stroll! How cute?!!


Gah. I have no words. Dinner at The Ritz & then a romantic stroll along the beach?! I can imagine that was Rob's favourite birthday of all time ;) ♥ 

So, to my favourite sex haired person in the world, I only have this to say. Please just continue being your amazing self & in return people like myself will continue to love & support you and watch everything you do. :)

X x X x X x X x



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